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Target: Reverse the bits in an integer

Write a function that reverses the bits in an integer.

For example, the number 417 is 110100001 in binary. Reversing the binary is 100001011 which is 267.

You can assume that the number is not negative.


  1. Using to_s with radix base (which can be set between 2 and 36) will return a string of the representation of integer.
  2. Reverse the string.
  3. Using to_i will return a result of interpreting the string as an integer base (between 2 and 36).
class Integer
  def reverse


136. Single Number

Given a non-empty array of integers, every element appears twice except for one. Find that single one

Solution: In the target array, there is only one number appears once while the other numbers appear twice.

Concept: 2*(a+b+c)-(a+a+b+b+c)=c

  1. Using uniq to remove the duplicated values in the target array.
  2. Multiply 2 to create an array with duplicated values.
  3. Return the sum of the duplicated array minus the sum of origin array.
def single_number(nums)
  2 * nums.uniq.sum - nums.sum

Others’ solution:

def single_number(nums)

283. Move Zeroes

Given an array nums, write a function to move all 0’s to the end of it while maintaining the relative order of the non-zero elements.


Input: [0,1,0,3,12]
Output: [1,3,12,0,0]


You must do this in-place without making a copy of the array. Minimize the total number of operations.

def move_zeroes(nums)
    x = 0
    y = 0
    while y < nums.length
        if nums[y] == 0
            y += 1
            tmp = nums[y]
            nums[y] = nums[x]
            nums[x] = tmp

            x += 1
            y += 1

122. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II

Say you have an array prices for which the ith element is the price of a given stock on day i.

Design an algorithm to find the maximum profit. You may complete as many transactions as you like (i.e., buy one and sell one share of the stock multiple times).

Note: You may not engage in multiple transactions at the same time (i.e., you must sell the stock before you buy again).

Input: [7,1,5,3,6,4]
Output: 7
Explanation: Buy on day 2 (price = 1) and sell on day 3 (price = 5), profit = 5-1 = 4.
             Then buy on day 4 (price = 3) and sell on day 5 (price = 6), profit = 6-3 = 3.
def max_profit(prices)
    return 0 if prices.length == 0
    profit = 0
    i = 1
    while i < prices.length
        if prices[i] > prices[i-1]
            profit += prices[i] - prices[i-1]
        i += 1
    return profit